Teacher Training

Teacher Training

200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training with Donna Ponder
The goal of this training is to teach the nuts and bolts of delivering a dynamic yoga class. There is emphasis on teaching, feedback, and teach again! Learn and practice watching students, speaking to what is happening in the moment, building a strong connection between teacher and student. The learning will happen in the teaching that you will be doing and in witnessing others teach.

There will be discussion rather than lecture. Your unique personality will be encouraged to shine through your teaching. We will cover yoga philosophy, anatomy, assisting, and all the requirements for your 200 hour Certification/registration with Yoga Alliance.

Each training weekend there will be multiple practice teaching opportunities with feedback. During the time period in between weekend trainings, time may be scheduled by appointment with me for individual practice/teaching/feedback. There will be many opportunities for assisting with feedback also. A focus on uniting breath with motion, and minimal word usage.

Learn true connection to students by seeing them. Offer instruction with few but powerful words. Teach from love and not from fear. We will have many opportunities for practice teaching, honing the skill of teaching with mindfulness, and leaving you with tools to deliver classes that move body and soul.

There is an inner knowing within each of us. The voice that quietly whispers within our soul, words of truth and wisdom that are powerful to share. To bring this out and strengthen it, daily time on the mat, daily meditation, and reading that feeds you spiritually. Fear often holds us back from speaking these words. Forgiveness, compassion, and love will be the point that we practice teaching from. Working through fear then can we step into a powerful and peaceful way of being, teaching creatively from the heart.

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