Blue Sky Yoga

Class Descriptions

ALL LEVELS- Suitable for everyone. Please contact studio prior to class if cannot get on the floor and back up safely (a chair may be used as a prop). 318-614-1619 or
LEVEL 2- Basic knowledge of standing postures is recommended. Can get on the floor and back up with ease. Can transition safely from posture to posture. Practice mindfully, keeping breath steady and controlled, modify or rest as needed.
LEVEL 3-Challenging transitions may be offered. Advanced postures may be offered. 
This practice promotes health and healing.  If you have physical limitations or an existing issue that requires caution pertaining to movement, please consult with us prior to class or in conversation with a teacher upon arrival.  Our goal is to teach suitable movement and modifications that meet your needs.

This class is accessible to a wide range of individuals. Class begins seated in a chair, with breath and movement. The class then moves into the standing poses, using the chair as needed for added stability. If wish to make the postures more intense may use the floor instead of working with the chair. Floor work is done at the end of the class (seated or lying on the floor). For those that floor work is not suitable, substitutions are available seated in a chair. Yoga for Life is a great class to learn about the poses because the pace of the class is much slower. There is focus on strength, stability, flexibility, and breathing. If there is special precaution that is needed, this class is a great choice. The temp of this class is about 75 degrees. ALL LEVELS

Meditation practice, different forms experienced, and practiced. Room temp 75. ALL LEVELS.

Series of poses that focus on the hips and or spine. All poses on the floor (no standing poses). Long holds, with an emphasis on stretching, breathing, mindfulness meditation.  Yin is a practice that has a positive effect on joints, tendons, and muscle tightness.  This practice is for anyone who can safely get on the floor and get back up (***yin may be a suitable practice for those that cannot safely come to the floor. In person, free consultation with Donna Ponder 318-614-1619, for suitable modifications).  ALL LEVELS. Room temperature 75 degrees.

Weight training to improve strength, stretching to improve flexibility, exercises to improve balance and breathing techniques to reduce stress!  WEAR ATHLETIC SHOES.  Room temp 75.  ALL LEVELS.

A class to restore the body and mind. Props are used to support the body in various poses. Emphasis on relaxation and breath. This class is accessible to anyone who can safely get on the floor and back up. Room temp 75. ALL LEVELS.

Focus on different techniques that bring ease to the mind and body.  For anyone who can safely get on the floor and back up.  Room temp 75.  ALL LEVELS

A soothing class that is a blend of restorative and yin yoga. This class is for anyone who can safely get on the floor and back up.  Room temp 75.  ALL LEVELS.

Enhance your yoga practice through postures, different breathing techniques, meditation, and mantras. Kundalini yoga is the yoga of awareness that may help you get in touch with your inner teacher and your higher self. Join us for an all-levels practice to move energy throughout your body and elevate your well-being vibrations.  Room temp 75.  ALL LEVELS.

A slow moving practice with a focus on breath, strength, flexibility, and stability.  Props and modifications are advised to help with stability, and accessibility of postures.  Room temp 75.  LEVEL 1 AND 2.

Ballet warm up exercises.  A great work out for legs and bum.  Barre movements improve range of motion, strength, and flexibility in your lower half by forcing one of your legs to perform graceful and precise movements while the other supports and stabilizes.  Room temp 75. Barre/ Levels 2 & 3

An athletic style yoga practice.  Emphasis on strength, flexibility, stability, and breath.  Room temp 90 degrees, 60% humidity. Hot Flow/ Levels 2 & 3

An energetic and challenging practice .Series of poses that focus on flexibility, stability, and strength. Each pose is done twice. The room is 90 degrees, 60% humidity.  LEVELS 1 AND 2.

This class will offer many modifications using yoga blocks, or a chair. The pace of the class will be slow and mindful. There will be focus on strength, flexibility, and stability with an emphasis on breath.

Gentle movement with a focus on breath. Soft stretching with longer holds. Restorative yoga postures to allow the nervous system to relax.

Stretching with longer holds to have a greater effect on connective tissue, fascia, tendons, ligaments, joints. Massage therapy balls will be used to access points of tension. Props will be used, modifications will be offered.


  • Monthly Unlimited $99 per month

    This is a draft from a credit card, debit card, or bank account. This is a 3 month commitment, may cancel anytime thereafter. Cancellation requires a 2 week notice.

  • ***High school and college students receive a 20% discount on Monthly Unlimited. Discount is available at the studio desk or by calling (318) 614-1619.

    4 Class Pack $60

    4 prepaid classes that have 30 days to use

  • New Client Introductory Offer $30, Two weeks of unlimited classes

  • Single Class $17