Class Descriptions


Yoga Fusion is a class that combines vinyasa flow with various aspects of Kundalini Yoga, Restorative Yoga, and Pilates.  Temp 85 degrees.
Enhance your yoga practice through postures, different breathing techniques, meditation, and mantras. Kundalini yoga is the yoga of awareness that may help you get in touch with your inner teacher and your higher self. Join us for an all-levels practice to move energy throughout your body and elevate your well-being vibrations!
A soothing class that is a blend of restorative and yin yoga. 75 degrees.
An athletic style practice, that moves slowly, with an emphasis on stability and modifications. 75 degrees 
An athletic style yoga practice.  Emphasis on strength, flexibility, stability, and breath.  90 degrees.
A class to restore the body and mind. Props are used to support the body in various poses. Emphasis on relaxation and breath.  75 degrees.
Series of poses that focus on the hips and or spine. All poses on the floor (no standing poses). Long holds, with an emphasis on breath. Room temperature 75 degrees.
This class is accessible to a wide range of individuals.  Class begins seated in a chair, with breath and movement.  The class then moves into the standing poses, using the chair as needed for added stability.  Floor work is done at the end of the class.  For those that floor work is not suitable, substitutions are available seated in a chair.  Yoga for Life is a great class to learn about the poses because the pace of the class is much slower.  If there is special precaution that is needed, this class is a great choice.  The temp of this class is about 75 degrees.